Key Benefits for International Schools

A description of the features and benefits that Rollama can provide for International schools following the English National Curriculum, especially with large EAL/ESL cohorts

Andrew for Rollama

11/6/20222 min read

I was a teacher and Assistant Primary Head in International Schools in Malaysia and China for 11 years.

My students (mostly KS2) loved using English, and communicated effectively in speech, when meaning could be constructed interactively. 

The hardest part was motivating students to persist in practising written accuracy — typical oversights like capital letters and full stops were no surprise, as they are common for all children.

The trickier issues to solve were inconsistencies for English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners: verb tenses, and verb-subject agreement; irregular plurals and past tenses; commas and pronouns. These are the sorts of language features which simply have no equivalent in Korean, Chinese, or Arabic.

I tried everything, but I never found a way to get students truly interested in spelling, punctuation, and grammar (SPaG).

Short exercises in lessons, sure, but voluntary practice? Outside of school? Never!

It’s understandable – writing stories is far more fun than editing them, but as teachers, we know how inaccuracies can affect the flow of a text.

To make an impact, learners — especially those learning EAL — need motivation to keep practising regularly for fluent fundamentals.

That’s why we built Rollama – to engage students with games and a system of rewards which keeps them coming back for regular practice.

We now have 16 game modes and pages covering over 160 language objectives to spark SPaG superpowers in your school.

Don’t take my word for it – try a free 30-day trial and see how it can change the way your students behave towards English practice.

Rollama certificateRollama certificate

How Can Your School Benefit From Rollama?

1: Get Motivated 😃

Delightful mechanics which bring students back regularly

Long-term goals that reward persistence

Friendly competitions to spark SPaG superpowers

2: Get Going 🏃

Simple setup and onboarding for staff and students

Solo accounts with a child-friendly interface

Immediate rewards for effort and attainment

3: Get Better 😇

Track your students’ growth over time

Whole class activities to bring SPaG lessons to life

Whole school rewards and competitions