Celebration time!

Catch them doing well

Andrew Lowery

2/3/20221 min read

We've been developing ways for teachers to celebrate students' achievements quickly and easily.

One solution is the weekly 'Roll of Honour' screen, which we've set as the default page for teacher upon login.

We want children's efforts to be easy to notice and simple to share. We've built a handsfree 'summary screen' featuring the top three students in four different metrics during the past seven days: time spent on the site, bronze medals, silver medals, and gold medals.

The data is lovingly presented with an animated banner and custom icons to make a weekly showcase as easy as 1-2-3.

Digging deeper is also a breeze - the summary headings in the sidebar hold data for daily streaks, trophies, the avatar gallery and more.

We hope teachers find these solutions helpful to recognise student progress and reward practice with public recognition in front of their peers.

For schools who wish to make Rollama part of your regular award-giving schedule, see the 'Printables' section of the sidebar for a printable certificate to use in assemblies.