"Learn key grammatical concepts in a fun, non-threatening and engaging way."

Rollama is a must for any teacher who is trying to progress the reading, writing and oracy skills of their students. Our students have significantly developed their knowledge of the English language through using the website. It works effectively for all students, and especially well for EAL pupils who can learn key grammatical concepts in a fun, non-threatening and engaging way.

Rollama meets a fundamental learning need to better engage children in learning English language to develop their core linguistic skills. The website is very engaging as it has a fun and interactive design which students immediately connect with; it gamifies English language learning, like Mathletics does for mathematics. It aligns with the English National Curriculum so it is both progressive and pitched appropriately for teachers and students.

As a Head teacher, I always look for products which will have the most impact on my school community and deliver great value for the school's money. Products that teachers can easily use to track individual progress, that parents can interact with at home and, most importantly, which deliver real results for the students - Rollama does all these things.

Paul Antcliffe, Primary Head Teacher, Shanghai

”Rollama is fantastic, and I am very proud to have an account. There’s a lot of games and when you start playing, you get this dedication of being the first in the leaderboard.

If you want someone to teach you, then you just click teacher’s tip, try to remember what’s inside and this piece of knowledge is yours. Now after 5 months, I can see a big improvement in my grammar.”

· Dorothy · Year 6 · Shanghai ·
· World Record Holder: Longest Daily Streak (50+ days) ·

Rose · Dorothy's Llama

"It is perfect for setting as homework activities."

We've had a fantastic experience with Rollama.

Setting up the accounts for the pupils was one of the easiest processes I've done when using these sort of websites (and I've used a fair few!) which was a real positive.

The children engaged really well with the activities. Because they are short, varied and have a points system they're ideal for what our children like to play. It is perfect for setting as easy homework activities.

Nikki Gill, Year 5 Teacher, Key Stage 2 Lead, Wisbech

Luna · Mii's Llama

I am so happy to have a Rollama account. It has helped me a lot with my grammar and at the same time is very fun to take care of your llama. You get medals and trophies by playing the games. It’s not just learning, but also aging your llama. Even if it is learning, I think it is so much fun to do Rollama. I am fortunate to have a Rollama account.

· Mii · Year 6 · Shanghai ·
· World Record Holder: First Student to Earn Full Set of Gold Trophies ·

"Hello readers, I am here because I want to tell you how good Rollama is. It has a lot of items in the shop and also gets to choose your llama’s name. My llama is called Titan and is 18 years old. Your llama can grow, just like us! Anyways, I also like Rollama because it is fun, like the games and all the prizes. It is made for everyone. Rollama is the best!"

· Dominic · Year 3 · Shanghai ·
· World Record Holder: Oldest Llama by Year 3 Student ·

Titan · Dominic's Llama

Summer · Lance's Llama

I think Rollama is good in many ways!

You can learn about English: spelling, grammar, verbs also you can use the money you have got and buy clothes for your llama. So come on and play it!

Lance · Year 6 · Shanghai

"I would do homework every night just sitting on Rollama!"

"I really like Rollama. The names were cool and the games were fun. It made me understand my mistakes and where I went wrong and I like that I could learn from that."

"I would do homework every night just sitting on Rollama! It's better than other website games we use for homework.

I love it. It is great. I just don't know what to say it is that good. If it had 5 stars for me it would be a 5 or 10,000 out of 10!"

Grace & Rebeka, Class 5, Wisbech

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