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Boost your students' English with classroom-tested spelling, punctuation, and grammar games that motivate regular practice.

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Who is Rollama for?

Primary Schools

🕹 Engage your whole school (particularly KS2) with SPaG practice

🥇Incentivise regular practice to improve English standards

🏆 Reward and celebrate success with easy tracking


English Teachers

✍️ Quickly close SPaG attainment gaps (particularly for Year 7)

📈 Motivate independent practice to boost progress

📚Assign homework which enables instant feedback and advice for students


EAL Departments

🕹 Delight students with a child-friendly system that rewards effort

💬 Practise the parts of English that are trickiest for EAL learners

🧑🏽‍🏫 Provide cheerful Teacher Tips to reinforce concepts


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