Meet the Rollama team 👋

Hi, I'm Andrew. I co-founded Rollama with my partner in 2021. I was a teacher for 15 years from 2007 to 2022, in schools in England, Malaysia, and China.

I was an Assistant Primary Head Teacher, Year 6 teacher (plus some secondary English), and worked with many wonderful children and teachers from all parts of the world.

We built Rollama to solve a problem we saw in our schools, particularly for students learning English as an additional language — how to help children practise English grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a fun and engaging way.

Rollama began as a simple classroom tool made in Excel (see our Museum), but soon we decided that it could help lots of teachers if we built a website with user accounts and interactive games.

We believe that language learning can be accelerated through independent practice, both inside and outside the classroom; gamification is one of the most effective way to get children to persist and put in the time needed to build fluent fundamentals.