Why Rollama exists

And why it matters

11/3/20222 min read

Why we built Rollama (and why it matters)

English language patterns are unpredictable with many exceptions. Lots of structures have no equivalent in other languages. The terminology can be bewildering.

English grammar is particularly tricky, especially for people learning English as an Additional Language (EAL).

English has many irregular patterns, illogical spellings, and complex verb forms.

Grammar errors can undermine the flow and meaning of a text.

We want to make independent practice of grammar accuracy fun and desirable for students.

Our global leaderboards, personal rewards and daily targets give students the low-stakes incentives to keep practising.

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example of student writing 2example of student writing 2
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example of student writingexample of student writing
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Our solo, multiplayer and whole class games make it childsplay to improve grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. Painlessly.

Your students will be engaged to return regularly to polish the trickier parts of English.

Meanwhile, you can track and celebrate achievements with our data analysis tools - at-a-glance or deep dive.

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30-day free trial · No credit card required

English homework that just works

Just ten minutes of Rollama per day will focus their attention on thorny grammar issues – little things that can add up to a big difference.

Was or were?
To, two or too?
Whose or who's?
There, their or they're?

screenshots of five gamesscreenshots of five games
screenshots of five more of our gamesscreenshots of five more of our games

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Grammar gamification is the 🔑

That's how to engage students with the regular independent practice they need.

Rollama is Times Tables Rockstars for English!

With our digital pet mechanics, your class will be asking to spend more time practising their grammar: to earn medals, climb the leaderboards, or buy items for their avatars.

All the while, they'll be internalising those tricky parts of English to improve their writing.

30-day free trial · No credit card required

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