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Rollama celebrates its first birthday


Andrew from Rollama

8/1/20231 min read

Rollama began as a small classroom tool in February 2021, before growing and launching to subscribers in August 2022.

We're celebrating a year of growth and improvement by looking back on what we've added since going live:

  1. Roll Call in-class teaching tool for whole class or small groups, which is built using the same pedagogical principles as our games, to build fluency and automaticity in SPAG;

  2. Teacher Tasks assignments mode - we wanted to give teachers more control over the practice topics for their class, so we created an assignments system with custom targets and difficulty levels;

  3. Linked our games to past SATs questions for Y6 prep;

  4. Check-ups - we wanted to create a mode for teachers to check how students are doing in different curriculum areas, so we designed a new mini-assessments system, using our existing game content with more detailed data analysis tools for teachers;

  5. Pet Shop - we wanted to add a seasonal shop theme which could sustain children's interest during the summer (at their own preference!). We decided on the Pet Shop, which contains a range of animals which require a little bit of saving up, to encourage deferred gratification and good longer-term thinking.

  6. Appeared on three education podcasts

  7. The first ever Rollama Club launched

  8. We started a guestbook for weekend users to leave comments about Rollama

  9. We got great feedback from two language professors in the UK and US

  10. We're applying for funding to run a research project (watch this space!)