Coin collectors

How our in-game currency incentivises players

Andrew Lowery

12/24/20211 min read

We spent a lot of time building our custom shop of avatar themes and items to get students engaged and keep them coming back to practise.

To buy the best items, players will need to earn coins by practising their grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.

Users can earn up to 10 coins per game (usually lasting one minute). By capping at 10 coins, we aim to avoid users grinding the same games repetitively and instead spread their time among a range of games and language objectives.

The coins can be used to customise the student's avatar or feed it snacks and drinks to keep healthy. By forging a bond with their pet, we hope to create positive learning habits in children, practising regularly for greater language fluency.

We might not match Micecraft or Fortnite, but hopefully we compare pretty well with worksheets and other homework choices.