Roll Call Starters and Warm-Ups

Free KS2 SPAG starters for the whole class


Andrew from Rollama

12/8/20231 min read

Roll Call is a whole class tool for warming up, recapping or engaging students in grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives.

We have about 100 pages in 13 different spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary categories.

Display the screen to your class, and invite all students to think about the answer before revealing two names and awarding coins to the student/s who answer correctly.

  1. Choose an objective

  2. 'Roll' for a new prompt

  3. Give thinking time

  4. Ask for whole class to show fingers, or click 'Names'

  5. 'Check' to show the answer

  6. Click a student's name to award coins (connected to their llama avatar)

  7. Click Leaderboard to show current scores

Roll Call is a useful resource for educators seeking dynamic SPAG starters and engaging activities tailored for KS2 SPAG lessons. With a repository of over 100 pages curated across 13 distinct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary categories, Roll Call strengthens the long-term memory of students, to lighten the load working memory and allow students to pay attention to more pertinent composition ideas.

Whether you're looking to kickstart a lesson, reinforce concepts, or captivate young minds, our comprehensive collection ensures an interactive and effective approach to mastering key language objectives in KS2 SPAG. Elevate your teaching with Roll Call's diverse array of resources, making every session a vibrant and purposeful learning opportunity.

Tutorial video of Roll Call in action: