How Rollama medals and trophies reward progress and achievement

Andrew Lowery

12/23/20211 min read

We're finding ways to make students' efforts leave a mark and spur them to keep coming back to improve or broaden their success. We've settled on a simple system of medals to mark the games which students have reached a target score.

Defining a passing score in each game is a blend of instinct and experimentation, and we'll adjust up or down if necessary as the site usership increases.

Once a student achieves the target score, a medal will be displayed beside each game title. Level 1 earns bronze, level 2 gets silver, and level 3 grants gold.

If a user gains medals in all of the games within a quest, they will receive a unique hand-drawn trophy of the corresponding colour.

We hope these digital souvenirs will motivate students to keep practising to hit their goals and improve their English language skills.