High Rollers

Global leaderboards which give everyone chance to be on the podium

Andrew from Rollama

9/20/20221 min read

Put your name in lights

Every game page on Rollama has a 'High Rollers global leaderboard' for players.

We chose to offer a range of cohort sizes and timeframes, to give everyone chance to get their name in lights.

Most players will have a good chance of being able to rank at the top of their class for the week in one of our 100+ games, each with three difficulty levels.

For players looking for a global challenge, we include ranks for the whole world, including an 'All Time'.

Players can claim the title of being 'Best in the World' for a particular game. Soon we'll include a badge for such achievements, which will be collected in a trophy cabinet in the student dashboard.

Privacy conscious

We recognise that not everyone likes to compete, so every student can choose from Day 1 whether to remain anonymous, to show their llama name, or their real name on the leaderboards. Soon we'll have the option to turn off leaderboards altogether, if students would rather not compare their scores to others.

Rollama High Rollers leaderboard
Rollama High Rollers leaderboard