Follow The Science: Gamification of Learning

Summary of the biggest meta-analysis of studies in gamified learning features

11/8/20221 min read

We knew gamification had an inherent benefit for learners. We've experienced ourselves — in learning coding, or Mandarin, or chess.

But even we were surprised when we read the largest meta-analysis of peer-reviewed studies in the features of gamification in learning.

When designing Rollama, many of these features were intuitive — here's the one-liner on why we included each one:

  • Points and XP to feel a sense of progress and literally 'keep score'

  • Leaderboards for healthy competition

  • Medals and trophies to mark achievements

  • Challenges and quests to focus the player's motivation

  • Levels for difficulty and a sense of chapters and fresh starts

  • Quizzes, well — it's what we do!

  • Performance stats for meta-cognition and self-reflection

  • Timers to keep things focused

  • Avatars to give a sense of ownership and investment

  • Competition to spark enthusiasm and energy

  • Retries so failure is never a punishment, just a step in learning

  • Increasing difficulty to form a constructive path over time

  • In-game rewards to keep students coming back

  • Adaptive difficulty to allow everyone to succeed

  • Multiplayer because sometimes you want to share your learning with friends

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