Features for mental health

Ways we can help to promote positive mental health

Andrew from Rollama

11/15/20222 min read

Rollama features for student wellbeing

We know you care about student wellbeing and mental health, and so do we.

We want students to enjoy using Rollama and be in control of their privacy.

Here are some existing and new features to achieve this goal.

Members can log in to try them out.

1. Choose identity shown on leaderboards

When students first log in, they can choose how their score is shown on leaderboards — with their llama name, real name, or anonymous. This also applies to display names for a Gold Rush competition.

This way, students are in control of their privacy from the beginning.

The name of your school is never shown to anyone outside the school.

2. New: Setting to turn off leaderboards

We think most students enjoy some healthy competition, but that doesn't work for everyone.We don't want to cause any stress for students who don't enjoy trying to rank on the leaderboard, so now it can be turned off.

Simply go to your class under 'My Classes' to turn it off:Students can choose to switch it off within their own Settings menu.

3. New: Certificates to celebrate trophies

We have created a new style of certificate to reward students who achieve trophy (bronze, silver, and gold).You can see who has earned a trophy via 'Roll of Honour > Trophies'.

This is in addition to our existing custom certificates (see button below the Roll of Honour), which include your students' avatars.

4. Refund avatar purchases and reset llama names

If you need to refund a purchase for whatever reason, go to My Classes then see the 'Refunds' column to refund any of the last 10 purchases.

Here you can also reset a student's llama name for whatever reason.

Coming soon

We're planning to improve our accessibility by giving the option to remove game timers, so students who need extra thinking time can have a better experience.

If you've got ideas for new features you'd like to see, you can add them and vote on others here.