An English learning companion for your students: llama avatars for everyone!

Kids like pets and owning something for themselves, so we built a tool to keep them coming back

1 min read

Our avatar shop is full of hand-drawn digital items for students to customise their digital pet.

The power of ownership

In our experience, children like to have ownership of something, and make it unique and personal to themselves.

Our lovely art department has put a lot of care into crafting individual items which students will aspire to earn for their pet, and hopefully keep coming back to make upgrades.

The avatar has an affection bar which needs snacks and drinks to stay topped up - students will need to check in on a regular basis and play games and keep their avatar happy.

Learning by stealth

These designs are classroom-tested to get most students to buy-in to the platform and engage with the learning content to practise, and improve, often without realising they're learning!