What is Rollama all about?

Introduction for teachers:

Guided tour for students:

Whole Class Rapid Recap

- roll new prompts,
- show names,
- award points,
- check the leaderboard,
- change difficulty,
- display the Teacher Tip.

Rollama differentiated worksheets

- default level will match Whole Class Practice screen
- refresh to generate new random set of 20
- change level via box in top left
- second page has answers
- printable on one side of A4
- save as PDF for reuse

Here's our series of explainers for different Rollama features. 

Manage your student register with Roll Call

- add/remove names
- copy + paste names
- add a new class
- edit class name
- switch between classes
- add/remove/reset points

Supersets for warm-up and revision  

- access four-pack of prompts
- roll to generate new random set
- students answer on mini-whiteboards
- check to reveal answer